Featured Work

  • Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

    Interactive Map Brings Neighbourhoods to Life

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  • Norwegian Cruise Line

    Consumer and Trade Website

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  • The German National Tourist Board (GNTB)

    German Road Trip & Shopping App

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  • Small Luxury Hotels

    Luxury Hotels Attract Wealthy Travellers

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  • Spanish Tourism Authority

    Hello Spain's Chinese website inspires Chinese travelers

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  • Scoot

    Social media takes young Chinese tourists to fly Scoot

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All Work

  • Banff National Park

    Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

  • “Godfather” Campaign

    Norwegian Cruise Line

  • La La Land Themed Mini-site

    Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board

  • “Norwegian Joy Double Screen Interaction” Campaign

    Norwegian Cruise Line

  • Visit Europe Website

    European Travel Commission

  • “Rooster Rock” Campaign

    Hard Rock Café International

  • “Ice & Snow Romance” E-magazine Campaign

    Banff National Park

  • Weekly Video Program Promotion Campaign

    Destination Canada

  • “Scoot Flying Fight” Game Campaign

    Scoot Pte Ltd.

  • Hard Rock Website

    Hard Rock Café International

  • “Leave Boring Behind” Campaign

    Hotel Jen

  • “German Self-driving Education Game” Campaign

    German National Tourism Board

  • “This is Hard Rock” Video

    Hard Rock Café International

  • “Save the Rhino” Campaign

    African Wildlife Foundation

  • “Go to London and Catch the Monkey” Chinese New Year Campaign

    The View From The Shard

  • “Meet a Different Hard Rock at the Next Destination” Campaign

    Hard Rock Café International