Social media takes young Chinese tourists to fly Scoot

 The Client

Scoot Pty Ltd. is a long-haul and low-cost airline owned by Singaporean Airlines. Started in 2012 with routes predominantly from Singapore to Australia and China, it is now further expanding to other Asian routes, such as Thailand and Japan.

The Objective
Despite an exponential growth in the Chinese inbound and outbound travel sectors, neither domestic nor international low cost carriers have been maximising the opportunities present in market. Singaporean Scoot has eyed growing opportunities in second tier cities of Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenyang, and Tianjin, where it currently operates direct flights to Singapore, with connections to other Asia Pacific destinations. Scoot’s objective is to both increase awareness in China, whilst educating the market about the advantages of low cost carriers.

The Solution
Dragon Trail Interactive has recently partnered with Scoot to assist the airline gain reputation in the market through the management of social media Weibo and WeChat. Scoot’s target market is the younger Chinese demographic, who share Scoot’s belief that travel is all about “discovering, connecting, experiencing, and enjoying”. To appeal to this segment, Scoot posts articles about Singapore as a destination by focusing on topics such as up and coming designers’ boutiques or extreme activities such as parachuting or trapeze practise. To maximise exposure on social media, Scoot makes ample references to the trending topics which reinforce its young, fun loving and cheeky attitude. The “Lin Dan’s strip down promotion” made reference to Chinese badminton player Lin Dan, who has the habit of taking his shirt off after matches. In addition to promotions, Scoot focuses on educating Chinese consumers about low cost airlines.

On the third anniversary of its Nanjing to Singapore route, Scoot ran a Weibo campaign offering a free ticket and discounted options. The Weibo campaign attracted 8,540,000 views, 10,545 reposts and 662 comments and 101 likes.On WeChat, a single Scoot’s promotion post has attracted an open rate of 87.6%, 10,586 reads and more than 560 reposts and likes.

•    Digital campaign concept and execution
•    Social media management