German Road Trip & Shopping App

The Client

In 2014 Germany saw roughly 2 million visitors from Greater China, marking a 17% y-o-y growth. Chinese tourism to Germany is remarkable not only in terms of numbers, but most importantly for the spending on shopping, which in 2014 averaged 575 Euros per person per trip.

Chinese consumers have long been in love with German car’s sophisticated design and world acclaimed engineering. They are also fascinated by the idea highways having no speed limits. Unsurprisingly Germany ranks as the second most popular country for self-driving among Chinese outbound travelers, chosen by 7.89% of respondents to a survey conducted by travel review site and car rental platform

The Objective

Most Chinese tourists travelling to Germany tend to go to well-known cities and seldom travel to smaller towns, hindered by tight schedules as well as by the constraints of public transports. The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) asked Dragon Trail Interactive to develop an app to encourage more Chinese travelers to self-drive in Germany and to help tourists have a better experience at destination.

The Solution

Co-founded by GNTB and national airline Lufthansa, the app is integrated with flights, accommodation and car rentals booking facilities, providing a convenient one stop shop for holiday makers.

The app recommends itineraries and provides information about major as well as less known German cities. Users are free to design their own itinerary based on their interests or to take inspiration from other users’ recommendations and comments. Travelers can look up practical information about shopping locations, gas stations and car rental facilities and visualize them on destinations. Road safety and regulations have their own dedicated section to lower Chinese tourists’ concern about renting a car overseas.

In order to promote the app, Dragon Trail created an HTML5 based car game. After choosing a car model, participants entered a car race with prizes awarded to the top contestants. The campaign was distributed through GNTB’s WeChat account. Launched during the second week of June 2016, the campaign saw 5,431 partecipants and 3,489 users downloading the app, resulting in a conversion rate of 65%. The app is also currently distributed on third party app stores.