“Leave Boring Behind” Campaign

Client: Hotel Jen

Year: 2017


Hotel Jen is a mid-range hotel chain with key locations in Asia, part of the luxury hotel group Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. Hotel Jen motto is “leave boring behind” and targets young urban adventurers.

As a relatively new brand, Dragon Trail created the HTML 5 campaign “Leave Boring Behind” to increase awareness in the market. The campaign starts out with a WeChat message notification from a fictional boss asking an employee (it uses the campaign participant’s avatar) to travel to Shenyang for business. The employee is not enthusiastic, but looking at his WeChat moments, he sees that all of his friends are staying at Jen venues around the world and knowing he will stay at one of the branches in Shenyang, he feels much happier.

The campaign continues with a fast paced and high energy video which well reflects the fun and young brand image. The video ends with a map of all Hotel Jen locations and a lucky draw encouraging users to follow Hotel Jen’s WeChat account.


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Tags: Hotel   Campaign