“Go to London and Catch the Monkey” Chinese New Year Campaign

Client: The View From The Shard (TVFTS)

Year: 2016

The View From The Shard (TVFTS) is a premium visitor attraction on top of the tallest building in Western Europe and it is one of London’s newest landmarks where visitors can enjoy views of all the city’s skyline at once. London is a must go destination for most of the 223,000 Chinese travellers who visited the UK in 2015 and TVFS wants to capture part of the market.

Shortly before Chinese New Year, Dragon Trail Interactive created a digital campaign themed around the year of the monkey, the incoming Chinese zodiac sign for 2016. Animated designs introduced the legend of how the monkey became one of 12 zodiac animals. The campaign went on to display a 360 degree picture of the tower’s skyline and images of flying monkeys, which campaign participants had to catch by pointing a telescope at them. The vivid images were aimed at giving potential travelllers a taste of the real experience. The campaign generated a strong interest with more than 162,000 page views on social media Weibo, attracting 6,800 comments and seeing an increase of 2,000 fans. WeChat fans increased by nearly 120% following the campaign.

The mobile based campaign was developed in HTML5 technology, was made easily sharable through Weibo and WeChat and a dedicated landing page.


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Tags: Attraction   Campaign   Gaming